advice & preparation

On the slopes, everyone is responsible; ensure you, your family and friends are prepared

  • Respect lesson schedules.....there are other people in your group
  • Get insurance and be covered, the rescue teams are not free and the ESF does not reimburse lesson fees.
  • Hydrate and eat properly. Throughout the day, your body will need it at high altitudes and in both the cold and the sun.
  • Warm up and stretch your muscles to avoid any unnecessary aches and strains
  • Choose the correct equipment suited to your level of ability, your size and your activity.
  • Respect the environment; keep your rubbish with you (papers, handkerchiefs, cigarette butts, wrappers etc..) until you find a bin to dispose of your rubbish properly.
  • Equip your child correctly:ski wear including jacket, salopettes, helmet, hat, mittens, sunglasses, sunscreen, handkerchiefs..
  • Wearing a helmet is highly recommended for children on the slopes
  • Avoid staying and challenging your child during lessons
  • Leave the instructors to decide on class and level changes, they are professionals and know how to recognise the level of your child