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LESSON LEVELS - snowboard

Choose the right level for an enjoyable holiday.

You are on holiday and the aim is for you to enjoy yourself and want to come back, so take things at your own pace and don't start a competition with other skiers. You and your children will be champions in time...

Goomie Rider

  • Has no experience of snowboarding.
  • Goomie Rider test:
    A traverse followed by a rounded sideslip frontside and backside.
    Plus 2 of the 3 following need to be completed :
    1. Use the ski lifts.
    2. The 'falling leaf' sideslipping on both sides.
    3. A straight run with a flat board and sinking down and standing up movements.

Rookie Rider

  • Has completed the Goomie Rider.
  • Is starting to be able to change direction using rounded sideslips.
  • Can move along by sideslipping.
  • Can get up off the ground.
  • Can use the lifts.


  • Has completed the Rookie Rider Test.
  • Can complete a series of frontside and backside turns on a green slope.
  • Can stop by sideslipping.
  • Can sideslip diagonally forwards then backwards and use a ski tow.

Accueil Débutant

  • Go along on the flat with just one foot on the board.
  • Turn round sitting down and get up.
  • Slide straight.

1er Snowboard

  • Slow down in a basic turn
  • .Stop.
  • Go down using basic turns.
  • Sideslip in falling leaf.

2eme Snowboard

  • Go straight down with a jump.
  • Make shorter turns.Link basic turns.

3ème Snowboard

  • Go down passing from one edge to the other or doing ollie 180°s.
  • Follow an imposed path.
  • Go down a short slope doing short swings.

Snowboard Expert

  • Goals : take the best curves on the best Freeride spots.
  • Our best riders will give you tips about having the best style and achieving the best tricks !