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skiING IS A sport YOU NEED TO prEpare FOR

  • Respect lesson times... and the other people in your group.
  • Remember to take out insurance, the rescue service is not free and we will not reimburse your lessons.
  • Carré Neige insurance costs 2€80 per day per person...
  • For you and your children: remember to eat and drink as you will be moving between 1800 - 3000m altitude, doing a lot of exercise and dealing with both cold and sunshine.
  • Do a warm-up session before you start skiing
  • Choose the right equipment, i.e adapted to your level and your size.

  • Equip your children correctly: anorak, hat or cap, mittens, glasses, sun cream, handkerchief.
  • We strongly advise helmets for children.
  • Please do not follow your child and speak to him during the lesson.
  • Let the instructors decide if your child needs to change group.
  • Your child is on holiday & the idea is that he enjoys himself and wants to come back, so please respect his pace and don't try to turn him into a champion too fast!..